Intranet for logistics service enterprises

Key Facts

Implementation of an intranet solution for individual requirements in the logistics sector.

ILSE - Intranet for Logistics Service Enterprises: A powerful tool for quality assurance and mapping of internal company processes

With ILSE we have created a multi-tenant-capable tool, which can be accessed via a modern HTML5 interface.

Meanwhile the platform offers a variety of functions:

  • CRM and quotation: Designed for the special offer modality in logistics companies, individual offer templates can be used to create professional offers depending on the project.

  • Job Alert: Administration of applicants

  • Todo list: Project management for the completion of tasks in a team

  • Mitarbeiterhandbücher: Das Tool ermöglicht das Anlegen von virtuellen Mitarbeiterhandbüchern, welche den MitarbeiterInnen freigeschaltet werden können. Zusätzlich zu Informationsartikeln können Administrations-User auch Prüfungsfragen erstellen, welche von ILSE einmalig oder in eingestellten Intervallen abgefragt werden. Ein Dashboard gibt Übersicht über den aktuellen Wissensstand der verschiedenen MitarbeiterInnen.

  • Equipment issuing: Issued work equipment can be managed via the "Equipment issuing" module. The module has various configuration options, for example work equipment can be managed with or without serial number. In addition, equipment can be managed, which is only issued once but does not have to be returned (e.g. gloves or spare lamps).

  • Advice management: Here, senders and recipients to be notified can be managed and calls can be logged in order to be able to provide information about which contact person was informed and when, if necessary.

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